1000 Meals
in 1 Week

Picco is pooling the efforts of the foodservice industry to provide FREE MEALS for people in need. Meals will be available at Picco between the hours of 12-3pm on the specified days. Our goal is to provide 1,000 meals in one week.


Many people in our community are looking to help. The easiest way is to sponsor meals! $20 provides 50 meals! All of your contribution will go towards food and packaging.


Picco will be closing temporarily for two weeks. In that time, we will continue to make meals for our partners, but meals WILL NOT be available for pickup at PICCO until we resume our normal hours.

Monday April 6th
Meals Available 12-3PM


Meals are provided free of cost to those in need. No questions asked.

Penne, Homemade Tomato Sauce
& Fresh Mozzarella (limited availablitlity)

 ** this item is vegetarian

Chicken, Vegetable
& Rice Bowl

** cannot be made vegetarian

With limited resources and safety as our top priority, we ask everyone to practice safe social distancing while visiting the restaurant. People experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 should follow CDC guidelines and not travel to Picco.

To help with staff and customer safety, please call ahead with your order or place your order online.

Picco has been operating in the South End for more than 15 years thanks to the support we receive from members of our community and the Greater Boston area. We have been fortunate enough to continue offering takeout and delivery service that has helped to provide economic stability for our employees. We are proud to utilize our current position to help others who are experiencing hardship due to the coronavirus outbreak. Both our community and Picco are taking things day by day and week to week. Our goal is to continue providing this service beyond April 4th, but we will be assessing our ability to do so on a weekly basis.